Article: 474292-001 (Black / White)

2 x 21 inch street tennis rackets. Optimal for children 4-6 years. Rackets are packed in a convenient full cover bag with a shoulder strap.

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    • 35 EUR

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    The idea with Tretorn street tennis is to make tennis accessible to anyone and anywhere in a fun and spontaneous way. It is up to YOU when and where you want to play tennis. And best of all, everybody can play.

    For the advanced players it means a fast and a reactive play and thanks to the slower balls the beginners can keep the ball in play longer and improve their game quickly. Remember, slower balls means faster learning.

    With Tretorn Street Tennis, it is easier than ever before to create your own tennis court and play, whenever and wherever!

    Material 100% Aluminium
    Available in 2-pack
    Frame 95 sq-in.(O-beam)
    Weight 100 grams

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