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Born out of Scandinavian weather, Tretorn has made a mark on many places on earth. Our products have been used at tennis courts, rainy streets in the city and in hazy desolated forests. Over the past 125 years, we’ve found new ways to develop new but sustainable products with a love of nature. In our Journal, you will find out more about our sustainable innovation, our mission and our day-to-day work.


Eco Essentials Timeline

Tretorn was founded 1891 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Since the beginning it has been an innovation driven company, which creates contemporary, & high quality functional products in a responsible manner. In 2016 we celebrated 125 years in business, this made us rethink about the companies basic philosophy and what kind of products we want to make for the next 125 years. We have a long heritage of CSR and responsible manufacturing and as we face huge climate challenges we decided it was time to take even greater responsibility. To use our planets limited resources in a more innovative way we decided to start the Eco Essentials Initiative. The Eco Essentials Initiative is a platform for us to challenge ourselves to make even more responsible business practices. It started in 2016 with the goal of transforming 50% of our outerwear into Eco Essential products by 2020. But already by 2018, 80% of the outerwear in our FW18 Collection could be labelled Eco Essential. That means it’s either recycled, made to be recyclable, and created from discarded fishing nets or other ocean waste. It should also be degradable and not use harmful chemicals or heavy metals in the form of PVC, fluorocarbons or phthalates. Our approach is that in order to make a real difference and contribute to more sustainable development, we must start producing everyday products with a circular process in mind and also look at how to bring it up to scale. By using the company’s 1891 heritage and transforming the innovation process to renewable resources we have already managed to launch projects like: The Leftover Project, The Ghost Net Project, The Bio Degradable Project and Now the Ocean Shell fabric and Eco Essentials sneakers.